Newcastle and Northridge Columbariums

Both Elm Grove and Fairview Cemeteries provide cremation families the option of a public columbarium. A niche, or an above ground cremation burial, in the Newcastle or Northridge Columbarium  provides a low cost, yet prestigious, method of honoring your cremated loved one. Usually, this option is less costly than traditional ground burial of cremains, considering this takes the place of a monument, concrete foundation, cemetery space and open/close of the grave. 

A niche in the Newcastle or Northridge Columbarium gives family members and friends the opportunity to visit the final resting place of a loved one anytime they wish. This isn’t always the case with cremains kept at home, where they can be lost from one generation to the next, misplaced while moving to a new house, or even stolen in some cases .  These columbariums provide  peace of mind that a cremated loved one will be safe and secure forever. 
Families and friends have often expressed not knowing what to do with the cremains of a loved one after their passing.  They have also mentioned the emptiness of not having a place to visit and pay respects.  A niche in the Newcastle or Northridge Columbarium fulfills these needs.